About Us

Yangzhou Evergrowing Group

The team concept

All of us have a same target, mutual trust and share the opportunity and risk simultaneously . The company advocate wolves team spirit, that is to keep thinking even when running fast, this is the spirit we need. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone is suppose to be loyalty to the team,willing to assume responsibilities, explore every potential, concentrate on the work we doing, and everyone should try their best to be a "leader" in the team, cooperate with each other with dedicated spirit. Cause we believe unity is powerful strength to face the fierce market competition. And all of us could realize their life values while striving to realize the target of enterprise development.

Innovation concept 

To innovate continuously and to be tolerant for failure is the source and impetus for enterprise's survival and development. And it is vital for a company to own a design team, professional marketing team. The company always give full support and for employee innovations on technology, system and management. Encourage all staff to learn from the failure, keep trying and analyzing, and finally it will succeed. In this way, innovation will become one of our quality and spirit.